Rio Grande Turtle & Tortoise Club

should i adopt  a Male or female?

We recommend males, particularly for new owners. Males of many species tend to be more colorful and more outgoing than the females. Among aquatic turtles, there is often a large difference in size between the males and females, with the males staying smaller and more manageable. Male red-eared sliders, for example, max out at about 8" while the females can grow nearly a foot long! Females also need extra care to ensure they are getting a proper diet with enough calcium, can escape the over-amorous attentions of any males, and have sufficient areas to nest. Egg-binding, an often fatal condition where the females fail to pass eggs, is very common among captive turtles. And of course, eggs usually mean babies, so if you have females, you need to be prepared to care for any resulting hatchlings.