Rio Grande Turtle & Tortoise Club



Are you interested in turtles and tortoises?      

    Do you have one or want to adopt one?           

        Do you want to learn more about caring for them?                 

            Do you want to meet other "turtle people" and share stories?

PLEASE JOIN US in our quest to rescue and rehabilitate turtles in our community, foster turtles until they are ready for adoption, and care for our wonderful shelled friends. You can submit an APPLICATION by email or postal mail (see "Contact" page), or use the Paypal option below:

We work with individuals, organizations, veterinarians, as well as local, state and federal agencies to find suitable species-specific homes for chelonians in need. Through our education programs we are able to better inform shelters and pet stores in the proper husbandry and identification of turtles and tortoises in their care.

If you are thinking about acquiring a chelonian, joining the RGTTC will be a great way to become better informed on the proper husbandry of the species you are interested in. We will help you learn how to care for your new shelled friend as you learn about the conservation, protection, and husbandry of turtles and tortoises.

Members are encouraged to participate in our monthly meetings, where we host guest speakers who share information on topics as diverse as designing backyard habitats; preparing turtle, and tortoise, safe yards; gardening and planting; and local and state laws concerning all keepers of reptiles. Since one of our primary purposes is to educate the public, we also participate in regional expos, home and garden shows, and other events.

Members receive a monthly newsletter with topics that include current events and programs; seasonally relevant care tips; news of members; and updates on our rescue and adoption program.

Hundreds of turtles and tortoises are in need of homes each year. Through our rescue and adoption program we assist people in finding new homes for their animals, try to re-unite found animals with their owners, and rehabilitate injured, sick, and abandoned chelonians.

Our adoption policy is designed to find the best home possible for the animal in need. We screen adoption applications carefully and, in most cases, do an on-site yard inspection to ensure the safety and suitability of the habitat.

Most of our expenses are for newsletters, veterinarians, and rehabilitation. Your membership dues and donations help to offset these costs. In joining our Club, you will enjoy the camaraderie of other turtle and tortoise enthusiasts, share your experiences, and learn from the experience of others.