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Are you interested in turtles and tortoises?      

    Do you have one or want to adopt one?           

        Do you want to learn more about caring for them?                  

            Do you want to meet other "turtle people" and share stories?


PLEASE JOIN US in our quest to rescue and rehabilitate turtles in our community, foster turtles until they are ready for adoption, and care for our wonderful shelled friends. You can mail in an APPLICATION with your check, or join via PayPal. The yellow buttons will take you to PayPal where you can pay with credit card (PayPal account is not required). (If you have a problem paying online, please contact the webmaster colinbarnett88 at

Individual Membership

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Family Membership

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If you are thinking about acquiring a chelonian (turtle or tortoise), joining the RGTTC is a great way to become better informed on the proper husbandry of the species you are interested in. We will help you learn how to care for your new shelled friend.

Members are encouraged to participate in our monthly meetings. During the pandemic, these have been conducted via Zoom. When it is again possible, we will resume in-person meeting with guest speakers who share information on topics as diverse as designing and planting backyard habitats, nutrition, and how to do wellness checks and identify signs of illness and disease. We also have programs on the natural history of commonly kept species of chelonians, as well as the biology and conservation of threatened and endangered species.


  • Members receive a monthly email newsletter. Please add our email address to your email address book so it is not considered a "junk" email.

  • Our Facebook group offers a venue for posting animals available for adoption without cost, for re-uniting found animals with their owners, and for members to post questions and both give and receive care advice from the turtle community.

  • Our rescue, foster, and adoption program provides expert medical support for abandoned sick and injured turtles and tortoises. The club fosters these animals until a qualified, loving home is found. Recovered wild turtles are returned to the wild. 

​Most of our expenses are for veterinary services and related expenses. We also have a number of other expenses such as:  website fees, meeting hall rental, honorariums for guest speakers,  P.O. Box rental, state non-profit filing fees, and materials for outreach programs to the community (Animal Humane’s “Camp Humane,” ABQ Home & Garden Show, school programs).


Your membership dues and tax-deductible donations offset these costs and make our work possible.


In joining our Club, you will enjoy the camaraderie of other turtle and tortoise enthusiasts, share your experiences, and learn from the experience of others. Please join us!

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