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If you've ever been fascinated by observing a turtle or tortoise and are considering one as a pet, it's important to 

research the specific species you're considering. Before you acquire a tortoise or turtle you should fully consider:

  • Do I understand its nutritional needs?

  • Can I provide a habitat (housing) for the turtle that includes the correct light, heat, humidity and water?

  • Do I understand how to protect them from predators, including other household pets?

  • If I have more than one turtle, can I separate by gender to control breeding?

  • Will I be able to provide the exercise my turtle needs?

  • Am I aware of any common diseases that impact my species and do I know how to find help from an exotic animal veterinarian?

  • Will my turtle stay outdoors all year round, and if so, can I provide safe hibernation?

  • Is it legal to own this species where I live, and do I need permits?

  • Am I willing to invest the financial resources and time for a pet that may outlive me?

​Many people buy a turtle on impulse and receive little, or inaccurate, care information. Consequently, many animals are abandoned, neglected, or relinquished to rescue as they become burdens. Please explore the resources on our site and find answers to many of the questions you may have about your shelled pet.

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